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Carolyn Johnson

Lab Tested Online LLC is a web-based entry service for dog agility trials. Our site serves as a resource for trial information, streamlines the process of creating entry forms, and provides online and agent entries for AKC agility trials.

Lab Tested Online LLC was launched in 2010. At that time, agility was rapidly gaining in popularity, with both the number of people participating and the number of events rising. Trial information could be difficult to find, and hand-written entry forms were cumbersome. At the same time, online shopping was becoming mainstream. The need for a comprehensive, reliable online entry service for agility trials was clear.

Since 2010, subscriptions to the site have grown steadily by word-of-mouth “advertising” across the agility community in the US. Our site is easy-to-use and free of advertising. It includes information on all AKC agility trials, including links to clubs, trial secretaries and trial sites. Exhibitors and trial secretaries love our entry forms: easy to create, easy to read and showing accurate entry fees.

The website was created by Carolyn Johnson and is supported by Carolyn Johnson and Jordan Mack. Both are “dog people” as well as agility secretaries and agility enthusiasts with decades of experience. Carolyn has participated in a wide range of dog sports in addition to agility, including obedience, hunt tests, tracking, coursing, and herding with her Labrador Retrievers and Border Collie. In addition, Carolyn’s Lab Tested Databases offers event management programs for agility, obedience, rally, conformation, herding, and earthdog.